Saturday, 12 April 2008

Rice bells with spring vegetables

What a great day...
Saturdays can be extraordinarily lazy and still give you a full sense of achievement, if this make sense?

I had a bit of a cleaning with my new flatmate and then she gave me a full body massage as she is studying to be a masseur, I always believed in God, now I even think that he cares about my well being :)
You will hear more about my flatmate as she is a great individual that happen to be on the Internet at the right time!

Once you get an hour massage all your energy is refreshed and you feel like you could do anything or even just read in bed all afternoon, but no this wasn't the case.
I made a nice Saturday lunch that was yummy and had a sprig touch.
I just found an old magazine during the cleaning, it got stuck behind the bed as cookery magazines are my bed time reading- weird I know, let's move on.

Rice bells with spring vegetables- for two
1 cup rice 
1 bunch asparagus
1 bunch spring onions
1 3cm piece of ginger
2 medium size new potatoes
bunch of radish (they are 10 in the UK)
some mint leaves

Boil the rice with double the volume of water till the water is all absorbed.
Seam the asparagus till cooked but crunchy (I steamed on top of the rice for 8 minutes)
Chop the stems in small pieces leave the tips to decorate.

In  a large saucepan (everything will fit in it once the rice is cooked), fry the sliced onions with the grated ginger in 4 tablespoon of olive oil.
Once the onion is cooked (7-8 minutes) add the diced potatoes and cover till soft (about 12 minutes) add some water if necessary.

Mix rice, asparagus potatoes in the pan add the radishes quartered.
Shape using bowls or ramekins, decorate with mint and asparagus tips and more radish.

I served immediately  with mache salad.
From an old "cucina e salute naturale" a great Italian magazine... not available in the UK, but always available at my mum house!