Monday, 8 December 2008

Wholegrain porridge

I was reading the column "the green kitchen" from Richard Ehrlich on the Times magazine last week, we got this delivered together with our food shopping, and it was interestingly about using rice leftovers. The article is not yet online, but it is very much about re-using rice without killing yourself with harmful bacteria that can develop if the rice is not carefully packed and stored in the fridge. I shall link the article as soon as available.
For people that have an interest in a macrobiotic lifestyle, grains leftovers have always been a treasure.
"Re-use the grain from the day before" recommend all the macro teachers and the classic books.
My favourite way to reuse grains and re-energize them is by using them as  porridge.
I cannot imagine a more energetic breakfast then a hot bowl of porridge with a spoon of sugar free preserve (in the picture is a currant one!).
Exact recipes are not really possible (it depends on the leftover grains).
In the picture: quinoa and brown rice porridge.

2 cups of leftover rice
1 cup of leftover quinoa
7 parts of water or 6 parts and 1 part of rice milk

add the water to the grains bring to the boil, turn the flame down and let simmer till the water is absorbed. You want to cook the grain in a heavy weight pot (I use Le Creuset cast iron pot).

I enjoyed my porridge with  few roasted walnuts on top, preserve, blenched apples, but the combinations are endlesss.
For a savoury breakfast, try steam kale, few drops of tamari, seaweeds, gomasio etc...

Even the dark sky at 7 am is more bearable after a good breakfast!


Meg Wolff said...

Your leftover rice looks superb with the nuts and preserves. Yum!

roberta said...

thanks, a good breakfast is the beginning of a brilliant day!